Why Better Packaging


What Exactly is a Signature Packaging Program?

A Signature Packaging Program starts with a beautiful box and ends with a happy and satisfied customer, destined to return for more. But a great packaging program consists of more than just boxes. Once you’ve decided on purple boxes, for example, the challenge is to coordinate your ancillary packaging products...

...pouches, folders, gift-wrap, tissue, ribbon shopping bags and more...

with your purple theme. Think of the retailer who uses Robin’s Egg Blue - that’s your target. This type of program - a unified, themed packaging program - is what we call a Signature Packaging Program.

The reality is that most jewelers don’t know how to execute this type of program, and that’s why we provide the services of a packaging consultant to help you uncover your true, packaging self. Additionally, we’ll sample you until you’re absolutely sure that your new look is perfect for your store. All for free, of course!



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