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Q: How do I know if it’s time to invest in better packaging?

A: Are your men’s accessories (key chains, money clips, etc.) packaged in better boxes than your fine jewelry?  Do you carry a pre-boxed sterling silver line whose boxes are nicer than yours?  Have you ever had a customer complain about your boxes?  Do you use the same type of box as a competitor, a deep discounter or a chain store?  Are you being out-packaged by the competition? If so, it’s time for a change.

Q: Where can I go to see great, jewelry merchandising?

A: Rather than go to a jewelry store, tour the cosmetics section of your favorite department store. As a product category, jewelry is closely related to cosmetics (both fashion accessories), and cosmetic manufacturers do a great job of merchandising to your target customers - women.

Q: What’s more important - box shape or color?

A: Color - always color.  Box shapes can be manipulated, but relative to branding and establishing a store’s image, color is king.

Q: How often should I change my color?

A: Never. Well, not really, but once you’ve established an identity through color, why change it? Ever see a blue Coke can?

Q: How do I pick a color for my packaging program?

A: For the most part, forget about what you like and focus on two things: you are in the fashion business and your target customer is a woman.  Then look around your store for color clues - maybe there’s a color in your wallpaper, drapes or carpeting waiting to be discovered.  Or borrow color ideas from a cosmetics manufacturer (check out the similarities between Tiffany and Estee’ Lauder). If you already have a color, rather than replace it, refreshen it.  A new box or bag line can give your existing color a boost.

Q: Jewelry looks great on white.  Why don’t you like white boxes?

A: White is not a color, and besides, everyone uses it, including mall stores and deep discounters (want to look like them or be different?).  White - and other light colors - can be used on the insides of boxes, as white is a great and universal jewelry merchandising  color.

Q: What’s you opinion of black boxes?

A: Like little, black dresses, I love them. It’s the only “commodity” color I approve. Anytime you see a box used as a prop in a movie or TV show, it’s usually a black, velvet box.  The black velvet box is an icon.

Q: Your products sound expensive. Are they?

A: Our average ring box costs $2.50.  Would a discounter or chain store use something that nice? Probably not, which is a good reason that you should (differentiation). Think marketing, not P & L.

Q: Why spend $2 for a ring box when I can buy one for $1?

A: For a number of reasons. First, a customer won’t be fooled - they know a good box from a cheap box.  Cheap packaging is a huge turnoff - it will certainly damage your chances for repeat business. Next, a good box adds value to your products, thus satisfying more customers and reducing the likelihood of returns.  Who doesn’t want some of that?

Q: What should I use for my less expensive jewelry?

A: Your normal boxes (what better way to make a less expensive piece look great?).  Or you could try pouches or one of our custom, import, hinged paper box lines.

Q: What’s tiered packaging?

A: Tiered packaging are two lines of packaging - one expensive and one not - used for different values of jewelry - that share the same color characteristics. A green, wooden box line for expensive jewelry, and a green, leatherette box line for everyday purchases, for example.

Q: Speaking of wood, do you like wooden boxes?

A: If they’re nice, yes - for special purchases and special customers. Men get really turned on by them, for some reason.

Q: How important are colored, outer, box packers?

A: If your budget is unlimited, use them. If you gift wrap, it’s an option.  If you don’t gift wrap, it’s a must.

Q: Can I color match boxes and bags?

A: Yes, in quantities of 2000 bags or more. We do offer bags in most color families - blues, greens, cremes, gold, etc. - that have minimums as low as 100 pieces.

Q: Explain your principle of using ribbon as a secondary color?

A: Be funky with ribbon.  Say your box is royal blue, white and gold.  The safe ribbon choice? Gold.  My ribbon choice? Pink.  Make a statement. Create your signature.

Q: What’s your minimum order?

A: There’s no dollar minimum. For most products we make, 24 pieces are the minimum. Some of our custom, import program carry minimums of 200 to 1200 pieces.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: Domestic products - 2 to 3 weeks.  Custom, import boxes and bags - 90 days.

Q: How much do samples cost?

A: They’re free.


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