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Reveal Packaging System - NEW!

And now, we’re excited to introduce you to our new Reveal Merchandising Collection – big store merchandising tools designed especially for the smaller, retail jeweler. Reveal is a color-coordinated, thematically-linked collection of packaging products, consisting of luxury and economy boxes, pouches, folders and shopping bags, that feature low minimums, quick delivery and affordable prices!

American-Styled Boxes

These boxes are metal shelled, and feature domed tops and radius corners, like their uber-priced Swiss brethren. We cover these boxes in a variety of fabrics, like classic English Velvet and Charisma Suede, and fashion-forward fabrics like Vienna Leather and Suisse Elite Leather. We are the only company doing this in America, and our boxes feature the Old World, handcrafted touches our competitors abandoned years ago.
Charisma Bengaline Vienna Rich Suede Shadow Suede Flannel

European-Style Boxes

More and more American jewelers are choosing these leatherette-covered boxes, the preferred choice of European jewelers. These boxes are gorgeous - perfect - they are among the finest boxes in the world.

Available in an unlimited number of shapes, colors and styles, they are surprisingly affordable, too! And only Signature can offer you smooth sailing imports - we’ve been importing for over 25 years!

Radius Corner Dometop Square Corner Cut Corner Black Pellaq Blue Silktouch Nuba

Pearl Folders

Our folders are designed to coordinate with the fabrics in our jewel box collections, and come complete with imprinting and two-piece outer packers.
Vienna Leather Folders Rich Suede Folders Economy Folders      


These exotic pouches provide you with elegant design that makes every piece look like a million bucks... Available in an unlimited number of shapes, colors and styles, they are surprisingly affordable, too!
Vienna Leather
(Gold String)
Vienna Leather Rich Suede Shadow Suede Rich Vel  

Shopping Bags & More

Jewelry packaging doesn’t stop with fantastic boxes and folders - no, to WOW your customers, you need to complete your package with final step packaging - signature gift-wrap, ribbon, bows, tissue and shopping bags!
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