Benefits of a Signature Packaging Program
Benefits of a Signature Packaging Program?


We are experts at the art of packaging. Period.

Through Signature Packaging our customers have built:

Strong Reputation or Quality and Value

A great box adds value to your product (“Gee, that ring I just bought looks like a million bucks!”).

Nothing can make your jewel look more precious or more expensive than a great box. SIGNATURE CAN add perceived quality and value for less than $3.

>> See how SIGNATURE CAN Add Value

Moment of Truth

A great box is a grand finale - your finishing touch - that helps convert more lookers into sales.

After she’s romanced by the jewel, the pretty box, ribbons and bows, your customer - the gift-giver - will look and feel like a million bucks! Such a satisfied customer is likely to come back, time and time again.


Repeat Business

Signature's Custom Packaging Programs get you FREE ADVERTISING IMPRESSIONS WITH EVERY SALE!

We ARE experts at taking your brand and giving it presence, from the moment the customer steps into your store to the moment the gift is received. The moment will bear your signature, creating a positive association with your brand and encouraging customers to come back for more


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